Balla is a DC native street rapper, taking over the DMV rap game. For Balla, music enables him to embrace his vulnerability as an artist and as a person. Heavily inspired by industry greats such as Lil Wayne, Jeezy and Meek Mill, Balla admires their hard-hitting lyrics and way of speaking directly to their audience with every record. With a great appreciation for the diversity and uniqueness evident within the industry, Balla is determined to define his own sound and is confident in the honesty that distinguishes his artistry.

Like everyone else, Balla has a past, one that he continually taps into to bring forth energetic and raw lyrics based on his life experiences, feelings, and thoughts. While he makes no secret about what he went through, including a lengthy jail stint; his authenticity, courage and resilience continually project themselves as he tackles different obstacles. Serving as a journal of heartfelt stories, Balla seeks to inspire and teach people through his music, to attack life head-on with no regrets.

Balla seeks to leave a legacy as the ‘lil dude’ from Simple City that stood on everything he said, through all the trials and tribulations as a ‘real steppa’. With the vision of becoming a Billboard charting act, Balla strives to challenge himself to do better with each project and have his music heard across all airwaves. Some of his notable releases include “In and Out” featuring rap artist Da Baby, “Whateva Freestyle”, “You kno I’m Alert”, “Score”, and most recently “Trapped In”. Currently, Balla has been in the studio with buzzing acts incluing Big Scarr, Big30, Asian Doll and more. Stay tuned for more releases to come this Summer.

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