Walkdown Will is a rising rap artist hailing from the unforgiving streets of Southeast DC. Getting his name ‘Walkdown’ from his street cred, Will has thrived off making it out of the harshest of circumstances and surviving the hood. Growing up in the DMV, Will took a liking to music after hearing fellow DC buzzing artists Balla and Already Dawg, rise in the rap game. Their unapologetic story-telling skills and hard flow struck a light of inspiration in Will that would lead him to writing his own rhymes.

While playing around with the art of creating music, Will still ran the streets, having been shot multiple times, arrested, served time and more. It wasn’t until 2019 that Will realized he had a story to tell and wanted to channel his life experiences through music. “My environment was grimy; it was the trenches. What I went through and what I’ve seen with my own eyes impacts my music a lot” Will states. Living life with no regrets, Will continues to inspire others in similar life situations and environments that they can overcome it. Will’s passion to share his story to hopefully touch other young kids in the rough neighborhoods is heard through his raw unapologetic lyrics.

Will has never shied away from any trial he’s faced with, including most recently being arrested and charged with murder. Currently serving time in the D.C. Central Detention Facility, Will keeps hope alive through his music, feeding the streets with anthems to show no obstacle can stop him. Recently, Will has released “My Guys” which received over 250K views in under a week. Walkdown Will is determined to keep his name hot in the streets while he awaits his trial, hopeful to return to DC and thrive as a breakthrough rap star.

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